Pipe Window Cutting Equipment

Olsen Plant & Services offer an on site pipe cutting service for clients who need to access the inside of an existing pipe by means of using a specialist machine to cut an opening or “window” in this pipe.

In the gas & water industry, the pipe to be cut will typically be steel or ductile iron and will have been inserted with a PE liner. In other industries, there may be a need to access a cable within a duct, or allow access into a pipe for internal inspection.

We utilise the Kent Precision Window Cutter™ (we were heavily involved in all field trials of this system whilst it was in development). This tool allows us to cut both around and along the host pipe with a high degree of control over the depth of cut.

This machine won the coveted UKSTT Innovation Award in 2012.

We are proud to have been the first contractor in the world to adopt this system, giving us a wealth of experience to draw upon.

The system is highly portable and can work in very congested chambers and excavations.

The system in safe and non sparking – even when cutting dry!

In addition to cutting a “Window” in a pipe, we also have the capacity to cut out and remove several metres of pipe, for instance when a full line connection or flow stopping operation is required to be carried out on an inserted pipe.

We have carried out cutting work on pipes from 3” up to 30” in diameter using this highly portable system.

The availability of this service has finally made live mains insertion of ductile iron and steel gas mains a practical possibility for network operators.

In short, if you need to cut out a section of pipe to access or inspect what is inside, call us!

Metal Pipe Cutting

Cutting a window in a 6 Steel Gas main in Kent to allow access to inserted PE liner. (Note the very limited operating space available for the system).

Steel Pipe Cutting

Window cut in cement lined 300mm ductile iron water pipe to allow inspection of cement liner