Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Olsen Plant & Services Ltd was established in 1997. The key personnel of the company have been involved in Directional Drilling since the very early days in the 1980’s when it was truly an “emerging technology.

At some point, we have used almost every generation of machine, from when operators stood at the side of 3 tonne drills run off 23hp power packs, and had to carry every drill pipe off the back of a lorry to load, through to today, where powerful, self contained drill rigs carry drill pipe on board and auto load it -whilst the operator sits in relevant comfort.

Back then we had to stand directly above the down – hole tool, and use a great deal of skill to locate it, then estimate all steering manoeuvres, using judgement about ground conditions, tool geometry etc – now we have electronics that will act as “targets" from many metres away, and feed us much more information about where we are, and where we’re headed in real time.

Back then, very little was known about drilling fluids – it was mostly water, now this is a real science and has a significant effect on the outcome of any major project.

What this means is, we learned our craft on equipment with limited capability and in order to achieve results, the operator had to develop a very strong skill set. When that same operator sits on a modern, powerful machine, he is far more likely to achieve results (and far less likely to cause damage!) when the going gets tough!

Our company have equipment portable enough to install service pipes, and powerful enough to install diameters up to 450mm, or “multi bundles” of ducting.

When you need HDD, we are the people to come to.

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