Established in 1997, Olsen Plant & Services Ltd provides specialised contract services and operated plant hire to the utility sector.

The directors have been involved in the installation of utility pipes, cables and ducts all their working lives, and have travelled the Globe carrying out installations and training operators.

Where innovation is needed in any aspect of the works, we are in a position to capitalise on our many years experience in design and development of tooling and techniques.

There is never more than one line of communication between the site operative and the directors, and often, a director will be on site. This way our clients know that they have our absolute focus on a successful outcome for client and contractor.

HDD Horizontal Directional DrillingHDD

The company has a high level of expertise and many years experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), providing on site support from the planning and feasibility stages right through to completion.

Click here for your HDD needs, from single service pipe installation to multi bundle or large diameter river crossings.

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  • Pipe Bursting ContractorsPIPE BURSTING

    Water mains, Gas Mains, Drainage, click here to find the solution to your pipe bursting project.

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  • Pipe Cutting EquipmentWINDOW CUTTING

    Need to access the inside of a ductile iron or steel carrier pipe?

    Do you want to start live inserting your existing steel or ductile iron mains?

    Click here for our safe, precise, highly versatile pipe window cutting service.

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